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As a focused elite research university excelling in science, technology and business complemented by humanities and social science, HKUST is committed to nurturing students with both strong academic knowledge and career competencies.

HKUST Internship Network (iNet) aims to foster a closer collaboration between town and gown in nurturing future talents. Through this network, HKUST partners with host organizations spanning across different geographical regions and diversified industries in providing valuable on-shore and off-shore internship opportunities to our students. Be a partner of HKUST iNet! Click on the followings to learn more about our program and how it can benefit your organization.

  • What can host organizations gain?

    By offering internships, host organizations can:

    • get new ideas, insights, and processes that will benefit the workforce and work flow

    • provide relief to tight labor force during peak season

    • shape and mould skills most sought after by the host organizations

    • identify future employees, test-drive the talents so as to cut down on recruitment costs and risks

    • give back to the society by helping to nurture future leaders

  • Full-Time/Part-Time

    Student interns usually have busy and unconventional schedules during term time. Employers are flexible to make adjustment for working hours in order to accommodate student interns' school responsibilities. When considering any internship, students' school and life requirements are to be taken into account for a proper school-work-life balance.


    Part-time Internships

    • Flexible work hours mutually agreed between the hiring organizations and the student interns

    • Usually during term time and no study leave required


    Full-time Internships

    • About 40 hours per week

    • Tend to be paid

    • Usually during winter break, summer or throughout term time

    • Study leave may be required

    *For full-time internship spanning across term time, student needs to apply for study leave from the university. Employer is recommended to make the offer at least 2 months prior to the start date of each semester to facilitate student's leave application.

  • Internship Duration

    Duration of an internship is highly flexible and can be anything that is agreeable between the host organizations and the students involved. Nonetheless, we believe a fruitful internship should last for at least 5-6 weeks. Typical internship windows at our University are:

    • 5-12 weeks' internship during winter break (late December to January) and summer (June to August)

    • 6-8 months' internship (from June to December or from January to August)

    • 12 months' internship (commencing in June, July or August)

  • Hiring Non-local Students as Interns

    Commencing 17 March 2014, the Immigration Department of the HKSAR Government has further relaxed the immigration policy allowing non-local students to take up curriculum- or study-related internships during a semester and to take up employment during summer months. Subject to approval from their respective schools, our full-time degree-seeking non-local students whose stay in Hong Kong is not less than 1 year (those who are not exchange-in students) may take up study-related internships. With School’s endorsement, eligible students may apply for "No-Objection Letter (NOL)" issued by the Immigration Department. Before employing any non-local student interns during term time and winter break, employers should ensure that they are issued with a valid NOL for "Study-related Internship".

    For summer internships which fall within June and August, no school approval is required. Same as term-time internships, employers should make sure students possess a valid NOL for "Summer Job Employment".

    For further details about these employment-related regulations, please visit the website of the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

  • Location

    Work locations can be in HK, Mainland China or any off-shore countries/cities.

  • Payment for Interns

    Local Internships
    While the University highly encourages students to take up internships, it is not a mandatory requirement for the majority of academic programs here. Host organizations offering internships please make sure they comply with the local Employment Ordinance when hiring interns.

    Off-shore Internships
    Internships can be paid or unpaid. That said, offering a paid internship will enable economically disadvantaged students to participate. As an alternative, host organizations are also welcome to subsidize students’ expenses during their internships by providing stipends.

  • Posting of Internships

    If you are interested in offering internships to our students, please click here.