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Why does Internship Matter?

The importance of internships just simply cannot be ignored or taken lightly. In today’s highly competitive job market, good jobs are high sought after and only candidates who manage to stand head and shoulders above the rest will be chosen. That said, attending a good university well-connected with local and global corporations is the first step to pave your career path. While pursuing your study at HKUST, you MUST NOT OVERLOOK the importance of an internship because it empowers you to get ready with an impressive CV, hone your soft skills required in the workplace, build professional network, chart your career path and help you land a graduate offer.

Type of Internships

Internships can be paid or unpaid and may take various forms:
- part-time during the term;
- full-time during the term (you have to apply for study leave in such situation); and
- full-time during a winter or summer break.

What is HKUST Internship Network (iNet)?

iNet is an integrated internship platform managed by HKUST Career Center. It serves as a "one-stop shop" for internship-seeking HKUST students to gain access to internship opportunities spanning across HK, Mainland China and overseas countries just at their finger tips. With just a click on any of the following icons, you will get further details about internship opportunities available in respective regions.



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If you wish to keep abreast of the opportunities and notices about any particular type(s) of internships, please follow the instructions to subscribe to our mailing list(s):
1. Go to HKUST Mailing Lists Manager
2. Login (click the top right-hand corner icon) with your ITSC account
3. Search and choose 'inet-local2016-17' for 'Local Internships' Mailing List
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4. Click 'Subscribe' at the left-hand column to proceed